Changes in Enkive-CE 1.3.1

Here's what's changed in 1.3.1 since 1.3.0:

  • Fixed Bug 21 - Exchange Journalling results in two archives per email
  • Add the ability to poll for mail from a mail server
    • In addition to the Enkive Postfix filter, Enkive can now poll for
      mail from a mailbox (either IMAP or POP3) on a mail server. This can
      integrate with server-based journalling accounts.
  • Handle RFC 5987 encoded UTF-8 attachment filenames
    • Before, UTF-8 encoded filenames for attachments were ignored by the
      UI, causing those attachments to download as "attachment-#". Now,
      they are properly parsed, resulting in the correct attachment names
      showing in the UI.
  • Warnings fixes
  • Update to the newest Apache James and MongoDB versions