Enkive 1.3 RC1 Ready For Your Test Drive

Enkive version 1.3 Release Candidate 1 for you to take a test drive and give us feedback. Enkive 1.3 RC1 is available for download on the enkive.org/download and at http://sourceforge.net/projects/enkive/?source=directory .

Please note, this is a release candidate and not a supported release. Deploy it only in test configurations.

The RC will be the final product, unless significant bugs emerge. In this stage of product stabilization, all product features have been designed, coded and regression tested through one or more beta cycles with no known showstopper-class bug. This means that no entirely-new source code will be added to this release, but there could still be source code changes to fix defects, changes to documentation and data files, and peripheral code for test cases or utilities.

Release notes for this version:

  • Attachments downloaded through the web interface are in their original binary form (rather than in their encoded form). File names of attachments are maintained in many cases.
  • Significant improvement on authentication against LDAP and Active Directory. Other improvements on file-based authentication.
  • Improvements in IMAP access to user's archived email.
  • The ability to normalize email addresses according to various rules has been added to create additional flexibility.
  • Improved mechanism for database migrations to make future upgrades easier.
  • Additional scripts/tools in the scripts directory including enkive-migration-tool.sh and mongodb-index-tool.sh
  • Scripts/tools that had previously broken when supplied with relative paths can now use relative paths.
  • Fixed several bugs in Enkive query setup and execution which previously caused incorrect results to be returned
  • Fixed a bug in the statistics database. Unfortunately previous statistics history will be lost.
  • If certain expected data directories do not exist, Enkive will attempt to create them.
  • Component libraries have been upgraded.
  • Efficiency in many parts of the code has been improved. Various bugs have been eliminated.

We truly appreciate your feedback.
Please submit bug reports here: http://bugs.enkive.org/
Please send questions either to the mailing list or to info@enkive.org

Thanks for your patience.

elizabeth ziph