Enkive Features

  • Enkive is a "Plug and Play" solution: It works in parallel with any SMTP email system making no changes to the way the email system works. Unlike other email archiving systems, Enkive does not poll email from the email server, so it will not lose any emails
  • Alternatively, Enkive can import mail from a file in mbox format
  • The archival policy decision to include or exclude spam in the capture step is implemented at the configuration point. We've been told by some organizations, that finance companies have a requirement to capture all e-mail, including spam.
  • Email is archived Mongo DB and Indri and is independent of the email system of choice (see Technology section for more details)
  • Enkive de-duplicates email to save on storage. The same message is stored once, no matter how many recipients. And the same attachment is stored only once, no matter how many messages it was attached to
  • Enkive archive can be set to not purge, or alternatively, retention policies can be set so that all email older than a certain age (e.g., 3 years) are purged. See Roadmap for additional retention policy options.
  • The retention policy can be set in the configuration file or via the web interface

How does Enkive support ediscovery?

  • The Enkive archive can be accessed from a web browser, provided the user can authenticate
  • Enkive allows a simple content search
  • Enkive also allows an advanced search by beginning and end dates, sender, recipient, subject, content, or by a specific SMTP message ID.
  • Enkive even searches within many types of attachments (e.g., text files, PDFs, Word documents)
  • Enkive ediscovery search shows both recent searches and saved searches which can be exported in an MBOX format. The exported file can be read using a freely downloadable Thunderbird client
  • Enkive has the ability to save search queries

What reporting features are available with Enkive?

  • Discovered email can be read on the web page, in raw format and printed using the web browser printer
  • Discovered email can be read using an IMAP client
  • Enkive can also export search results to mbox Format which can then be read by Thunderbird
  • Additionally, Enkive provides reports of archive storage usage and retrieval activity, through use of logs

Why use Enkive for eMail Archiving and eDiscovery?

Data Mining / Business Knowledge Management

An organization’s email is a record of communications and constitute its business knowledge repository. This content contains vast quantities of useful employee-generated information vital to an organization’s profitability, competitive advantage, innovativeness and continuous improvement.

Regulatory Compliance

Enkive helps organizations to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Email retention periods, rules and retrieval methods vary by country and industry. We recommend that readers consult with their legal counsel for specifics. Below is a short list of commonly known regulations to consider:

Resource saver

  • Enkive reduces the time to access email needed for litigation or other business purposes from weeks and even months to minutes
  • Enkive frees the system administrator from having to retrieve user deleted emails
  • These days, with terabytes of storage being at an all time low cost, storage limitations are not a serious issue. Like all resources, though, it should be managed prudently. Enkive offers de-duplication to help organizations deal with the email storage issue.