Enkive Roadmap

Near Term Target Features

  • Simplify capture and retrieval of blind copied emails
  • Expand functionality of saved searches
  • Display retrieved emails in "Friendlier Manner" than a raw format
  • Augment basic event log with a full featured audit log
  • Automate tracking and reporting of system events, administrative events, user events, and archival events
  • Enable placing of holds on archived emails, that will allow them to survive the default retention policy.
  • Implement access policies and group roles
  • Provide intelligent reports of archive storage usage and retrieval activity, through use of audit logs.
  • Add custom retention policies based on input from users
  • Add Group roles that allows easy policy setting with exception handling. e.g optionally, identifying not-organizational (personal) emails and exempting them from archive.
  • Improve ease of providing evidence of tamper proof archive
  • Expand the permissions system