Enkive is built on a set of open and open source technologies.

  • MongoDB Won the 2012 Bossie award. The first name that comes to mind is for NoSQL, Document database is MongoDB. It is the only comparatively mature document database in the NoSQL world. Highly scalable horizontally with automated sharding and highly available due to autoreplication, MongoDB offers a very reliable and yet simple solution to modern document database problems."
  • Java is the primary programming language.
  • Indri - "Language modeling meets inference networks", for the indexing search engine.
  • SpringSurf provides the front-end. SpringSurf uses its own set of technologies, including
  • o FreeMarker as the templating engine.
    o Rhino to interpret Javascript.

  • Apache Mime4j is used to parse email messages.
  • GNU JavaMail is used as a library to import messages in Maildir format.
  • The technology changed with release 1.0, simplifying the installation process and improving performance: Enkive no longer uses Alfresco, Lucene, Hibernate, PostgreSQL / MySQL

Enkive and Your Email System

Being an open source software services company we focused on initially supporting open source email systems, including basically any SMTP supported email system, including, but not limited to:

  • Postfix/Zimbra
  • Sendmail
  • Horde / Imp
  • Squirrel mail

In January 2012 we added support for commercial email systems:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010

In September 2012 we added support for:

  • Gmail
  • Domino emails can be exported into Enkive via Mbox records

Email systems such as Gmail, Lotus Notes, and others may need some customization.
Visit our Services page for more details.