Enkive is an open source software done the old fashioned way. CE, the Community Edition is offered under the Aferro GPL and is free for you to use. Should you enhance it or fix any bugs that you have found, we would love to hear back from you and give you credit for the fix or enhancement in the next release. EE, the enterprise Edition is the same code - nothing crippled. What's on offer is support and services, which we need you to purchase to support on going development and maintenance. For this we thank you in advance.

Enkive CE (Community Edition)

The community edition includes source code, developer access, repository, bug reporting tools, and mailing list.
Release 1.3 is now available for download

Enkive EE (Enterprise Edition)

There is no charge for the license to use Enkive. We fund on-going development and maintenance of Enkive by selling support and professional services. By purchasing support you are investing in the future of Enkive. Think of it as paying forward.
Includes license to Enkive CE and flexible support, Service Level Agreements and professional Services
Check out the Enterprise tab for detail information about the services included in the enterprise edition (includes some pricing information)
Contact info@enkive.org for your organizational needs