Why Archive Email?

    Imagine that your valuable employee had deleted all his emails - just before he turned in his resignation. If you have an e-mail archive it won't matter. If you have not preserved these emails, here are some thoughts on why you should consider an email archiving and discovery solution:


    Email is a record of organizational communication and an artifact of institutional knowledge. Email archiving and classification are critical processes for recovering the knowledge and ideas of an organization and the history of its interactions with the larger world. Enkive encourages management of email through classification and policy.


    Throughout the day, employees send and receive business-critical email. Employees may delete messages that should be kept, or retain messages that should be discarded. Enkive captures email in parallel with your email system. Enkive retains and purges email in accordance with the organization's policies, independent of user error, deliberate action, and storage quotas.


    Critical information can be hidden in email attachments that are invisible to standard search tools. Archived mail needs to be easily accessed by original senders and recipients as well as other authorized agents. Enkive makes archived email available through users' ordinary email clients and an intuitive discovery interface. Enkive permits searching in all email components and attachments.


    Knowing who accessed what, and when, in your archive can be critical. Enkive provides a flexible audit policy and can report on search and access events.


    Compliance with laws and regulations governing communications, as well as litigation support, are increasingly important objectives for organizations inside and outside the United States. Enkive permits recovery of email pursuant to controlling regulations and eDiscovery requirements in support of an organization's retention policies.


    Security means knowing that archived content is accessible only to authorized users. Enkive provides role-based access control. Enkive can encrypt all stored email.


    A single attachment may be sent and later re-sent to tens, hundreds or thousands of employees. Most email systems are not designed to efficiently manage such duplicated content. Enkive reduces storage costs through de-duplication of messages and attachments.

    Open Source

    Organizations need to control costs and retain control over IT infrastructure, information and processes. You need a vendor to be there to support you. Enkive is open source software. The Linux Box corporation, the maker of Enkive, has been supporting and enhancing open source products since 1999.