Why Enkive?

The decision making process.

Download Enkive open source email archiving and ediscovery software.

A. What's the Upside of Using Enkive?

  1. Enkive is a modern, scalable, open source software giving the user control for the long term.
  2. Enkive License is Affero GPL and it is free to use.
  3. Enkive is a proven technology downloaded by thousands of users.
  4. Its deduplication capability allows organizations of control the cost of storage
  5. It's search within attachments adds power and functionality

B. The Likelihood of Success with Enkive

  1. High probability of success because it works with many email servers and takes less than a day to install and configure and migrate current archives to it.
  2. The system easily keeps up with high insertion rates and can keep up with the email systems.
  3. It allows for compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. It has an easy to use web based interface for retrieving searched for emails.
  5. Deduplication will save the organization money by reduced need for storage acquisition.
  6. Self service for retrieving deleted emails will reduce the cost of system administrators recovering lost emails.

C. Effort Involved in Deploying Enkive

  1. The license is free.
  2. In installation is straight forward and support and well as customization are available from the vendor.
  3. One time migration services are available.
  4. Monitoring services are available using open source tools .

D. Strategic Value of using Enkive

  1. Archiving and timely access to emails needs to be on the business plan for any organization. Enkive fits into this strategy at a low entry point.
  2. Enkive helps organizations mitigate the risk of inability to comply with court and regulation requirements in a timely fashion.
  3. Enkive helps organizations set policies for archiving and be able to demonstrate compliance with proper audit trails.